For this video, we tested how the ingredients look on a number of backgrounds. After trying both light and dark wood boards, we came to the conclusion that the latter makes the colors look more vibrant.

We shot it from different angles and, as you can see, we used a few tools to make this yummy dish, such as the spiralizer and a small cooker.

If you need food videography for a brand, we can strategically insert your products in the videos and highlight their usefulness and how they are essential for making the recipes.

To give you an example, think about the spiralizer you see in this recipe video. There are other ways to make zucchini but using a spiralizer is easier. A well-planned video will surely emphasize your product's benefits and turn viewers into customers.

And if you are thinking about making zucchini pasta at home, then grab the recipe from Blondelish.