This is another video that our audience liked very much. Well, how could somebody not love a close-up with melting chocolate?
It had over 43.000 views in the first days and almost 70 shares. And that's just on Facebook.

We shot the most important steps from overhead and took some delicious close-ups when mixing and pouring the chocolate.
We even used a close-up in the beginning, to grab the viewer's attention right away - that inviting hand that offers you brownies.

When doing food videography for social media, it is important to grab the viewer's attention in the first 5-6 seconds. Once you've got that, he will certainly stay for more.

Otherwise, he will just swipe down his feed. No matter how good your video is, if you don't grab the viewers' attention quick you'll lose them.

And if people don't watch your clips then, in time, your reach (and consequently your views) on Facebook will drop because they won't promote your content anymore. It's like a spiral effect that you really want to avoid.

We've learned this (and many other things) the hard way, by trial and error. That's why it's always best to work with experienced food videographers and content creators so that you won't have to repeat the same, time-consuming mistakes.

And if you like to make your own brownies, you can always get the full recipe from Blondelish.