It’s no secret that we all love taking videos with our cell phones. They give us a way to capture a moment in time, whether it be a breathtaking view or a great meal. However, no matter how much we love our mini videos, we would never dream of documenting an entire wedding or awards show on one. When it comes to food videography, the same standards apply.

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After all the hard work you’ve put into creating your recipes and cooking a meal to perfection, it deserves to be seen in the highest quality possible. To sell your skills, you need the expertise of a professional food videographer who knows the ropes.

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Why Does Food Videography Matter?

Food videography is now one of the most effective ways to showcase your food and talents. It provides you with a way to showcase your business through various social media platforms.

Food videos allow culinary businesses to reach customers where they’re spending the majority of their time — online. A recent study showed that 76% of adults surveyed said that they would purchase an item after viewing a marketing video.

How Food and Drink Brands Benefit From Food Videography

How Food and Drink Brands Benefit From Food Videography

Increase Exposure

The key to keeping any online or physical business afloat is to have a steady flow of customers. While highs and lows are to be expected, business owners want to constantly attract new customers.

Videos on social media have a much higher reach than photos or plain text. Studies have shown that 66% of millennials will engage with a brand after seeing its video on social media. Simply put, videos help you reach more people. More viewers equal more possible customers.

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The Professionals Know Exactly What To Do

Although you may have a homemade video that you’re quite proud of, directing a professional food video is an entirely different task. A professional food videographer knows just the right lighting, spacing, and angles to use.

Depending on the height, size, and shape of your food, your shooting methods will need to change. For example, a taller item like a burger shines when shot from the front. On the other hand, a pizza is seen more favorably when shot from the top, as this highlights all of the toppings.

Even if you get that down, you need to think about the editing process. A simple fade-in effect won’t cut it here. Professional food videographers will use various special effects, graphics, and calls to action to give your video the wow factor.

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Additionally, the pros work with high-end equipment that results in sharper footage. They’ve studied lighting in detail and understand how to tweak it to get that cinematic footage.

Videographers and chefs work along with food stylists to make sure the food is picture-perfect every time. Your iPhone or other entry-level equipment simply can’t reach the same level of quality.

Instead of worrying about all these intricate details during a video shoot, relax! Choose a food video production agency and let the pros do what they do best.

Your Content Will Resonate With Viewers

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Think about all the videos you’ve seen in the last week. How many of them do you remember? While you may not recall the video word for word, you’ll likely remember the gist of them and any calls to action that were thrown your way. If so, you’re one of the millions of people affected by video marketing.

study done by Hubspot revealed that 80% of viewers recalled a video ad they viewed in the last thirty days. Imagine if they saw a few of your food videos within that time. Chances are they would remember who you were, what you made, and they may come back to find the recipe.

Give Your Brand A Fresh Look

No matter how old your brand is, food videography can help give it a facelift. If you’ve been in the food blogging industry for years and you notice your engagement starts to dwindle, a food video may be just what you need. While the occasional reader may have been enough to keep you afloat in the past, the foodies of today are looking for something a bit more.

High-quality food videos have the potential to impress your audience before they even follow you.

Why not film a video to show a detailed recipe that people have been asking about?

A simple recipe video that feels intimate and special will have followers feeling like they got the inside scoop.

Personalizing this experience will have followers and readers looking at your brand with fresh eyes.

Videos Can Cover All Your Marketing Bases

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If you want to make one initial investment in marketing, a food video won’t let you down. The videos you receive will be useful in a plethora of ways. They can be shown on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

You can immediately add them to your website to increase your SEO rankings. Or use them in ads to get more traffic to your website. The possibilities are endless.

Improve Your Online Rankings 

If you struggle with your online presence and rankings, professional food videography can help propel you to that coveted top spot. To break it down, search engine optimization (SEO) works to improve your online ranking on search engines.

For example, if someone is looking for “vegan Thai curry” on Google, your recipe website can show on the first page of search results. If you have professional food videos breaking down your process, it propels you higher in the rankings as you have an advantage against your competition. And the better the video, the better the advantage.

Online users are more likely to click on an article that features a video. More website clicks mean more traffic, and search engines will take notice of this and reward you accordingly.

Unfortunately, posting a video may not be enough. You need to find out which keywords have the most power. This is where an agency comes in. A professional food videography agency will handle tagging your videos with the appropriate keywords to make it easy for you to be discovered in search engines.

Show Your Recipes In A New Light With Food Videography

Professional food videography makes food look appetizing and appealing to your audience. If you’re a content creator in the food industry, your goal is to drive people towards your channel to see beautiful, well-plated food.

The last thing you want is to lose potential followers because they can’t see what you have to offer. While your still images may keep them around for a while, people love to see the how-tos and what goes into a recipe behind the scenes. Give them what they want, and they will be sure to stick around for the long haul.

Get A Fresh Outlook 

Even the most creative of artists can get stuck in a rut. While you love your business, you can spend so much time caught up in daily tasks that you lose your creativity.

If you’ve found yourself in a creative slump, a food videography agency has the power to provide you with a fresh outlook. They can help you take a step back and see areas that could be harnessed to improve your presence on social media. It may be just what you need to help you take your business to the next level.

Helps Build A Recognizable and Unique Brand 

As a recipe website, videos are your chance to determine how the world sees your brand. Professional food videography can help you stand out and create a clear and easily identifiable brand. Without them, all your hard work could get thrown under an umbrella of indiscernible culinary websites.

Highlight Key Recipes 

Many restaurants take advantage of “loss leader” marketing to bring in new customers. Although these menu items don’t end up being loss leaders, you can price them in a way that entices customers to order them.

Whether these items are monthly specials or food that can be had year-long, you want to draw the eyes of the customer to these items.

For your website and social media platforms, a professional food video can draw attention to key menu items, pushing your customers to see more profitable items. As a result, they will order accordingly. This is especially handy during certain times of the year when restaurants run seasonal specials. 

Trust Yum Creative To Handle Your Food Videography Needs

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Video marketing is becoming increasingly important as the years go by. Low-quality food videography can send the wrong message about your brand and could cost you time and money. Hiring a professional food videographer shows your audience that you care about them and your food.

For almost a decade, YumCreative has created viral, mouth-watering, and commercially successful food videography. We first discuss the goals of your business to help create a video that centers around your brand. Then, through careful planning and artful filming, we will deliver a video that is ready to captivate any audience.

Hiring a food videography agency can be just the extra push you need to make you stand out from the competition. Reach out to us at Yum Creative by giving us a call or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to helping you show your unique story and brand through video.

And now here's an example of our work. If you'd like to see more check out our Food Videography Portfolio